· Introduction to venipuncture

· Vein anatomy and blood draw sites

· Venipuncture technique, risks, and complications (Model hands on workshop)

· Use of butterfly needle and IV catheter for drawing blood

· Review of various protocols for blood concentrates

· Multiple applications of PRGF® and benefits in oral implantology

· Centrifugation, Fractioning and Activation of Plasma for optimum results

· Complete protocol of PRGF®

· Dentist practicing venipuncture and blood draw as well as protocols for making PRGF Clot, “Adhesive Bone”, and Fibrin Membranes

· Exercises for clinical applications on pig jaws for using Plasma Rich Growth Factors in regenerative Hard and Soft tissue surgery

Bring the auxiliary staff members & train them

“How to Make” Clot, Adhesive Bone & Fibrin Membranes for your patient.

Assistant training for $199 + HST