Wow Your Patients With the Latest Techniques in Dental Implants

Before you munch on too many candy canes in December, spend some time considering what’s best for your patients’ dental health. As we age, our teeth begin to break down. We need either dentures or dental implants to replace the empty spots in our mouth where we once had healthy teeth. As a practitioner, you know that your patients are naturally concerned about the risks and costs of dental implants. You can learn the latest techniques and perform more successful procedures for your patients with T.I.D.E.’s cutting-edge training. We are specialists in training dentists on basic to advanced implant techniques through our live courses. We hope to see you enrol this winter and add new skills to your repertoire and improve your practice’s services.

The Stages for Installing Dental Implants

Using the latest techniques in dental implantation, practitioners help each patient resume normal use of their mouth after six to twelve months of completing multi-stage surgery. Here’s an overview of the process:

  1. After any existing teeth are removed, the dentist exposes the gum flaps where new crowns will go. The jaw bone is drilled to install each permanent fixture. The dentist also inserts a tiny screw into the fixture for each implant crown.
  2. After a healing period, a healing cap is installed over each screw.
  3. After another healing period, the dentist installs the crown plant and the implant crown on the crown fixture.

Between each stage, the dentist allows the patient’s oral tissues time to heal. After the entire process is complete, the patient will have a mouth full of crown implants that remain permanently embedded in the jaw bone.

Trust the Institute for Dental Excellence

At T.I.D.E., we’re glad to share the newest procedures for dental implantation. This time-tested surgical method gives patients a healthy-looking smile including shiny, authentic-looking teeth. To enrol in a continuing education course, contact us today!

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