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When you picture what your December will look like, there’s a good chance that snow and icicles are everywhere and the sun sets early. You can envision spending time by the fireplace with a piping mug of coffee and reflect on 2019’s events. There is also time for reconnecting with family and friends, some of whom you haven’t seen in years. As you think back, you can probably recall some goals you wish you had achieved. The great news is that 2020 is nearly here! It will be a great opportunity to explore continuing education courses at our T.I.D.E. facilities located throughout Canada.

Get Ahead in Your Profession

Once you’re established in the dental profession, you’re endlessly searching for ways to improve your practice. Your personal approach to patients has the capacity to improve their oral health and give them a better quality of life. If you complete the minimum continuing education credits required to renew your license, then you will be able to meet their needs. If you enrol in dental training whenever a course interests you, you will enhance your daily practice and stay on the cutting edge of the profession. This is how top dentists deliver consistently improving results to their patients.

Explore a Mini-Residency

Some dental practitioners find it advantageous to perform a mini-residency, which means coming to one of our locations and learning in-depth to perform procedures such as dental implant surgery. We are proud to offer a Basic Implant Mini-Residency in Montreal, Toronto, Calgary, and Vancouver. This training program offers experts of all backgrounds a chance to sharpen their skills. Whether you are in your late twenties and just starting out or nearing retirement, you can benefit from advanced training and create a new source of income.

For more details about dental continuing education, please contact us!

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