Sharing Dental Health Practices During a Health Crisis

It’s impossible to ignore the difficulties that the medical world is facing during the COVID-19 pandemic. While health and economy alike are being severely impacted, dental health is still more important for people to consider than ever before. As you pursue your education in dentistry with The Institute for Dental Excellence (T.I.D.E.), consider these ways you can connect better with patients and promote dental health during the wake of the pandemic.


Communication is essential to maintain your relationship with those who visit your practice. Though people will mostly be staying at home during this crisis, keeping in contact with patients will ensure they know you are still a reliable source of information as their trusted healthcare provider.

Weekly Tips

Emailing weekly dental hygiene tips for patients and their families to practice at home ensures that patients know that you care. In the likely event that they will be unable to come in for regular check-ups due to a need for quarantine, knowing that their health is being cared for will boost patient morale and keep them wanting to come back to your practice once the crisis is over.

Ask them questions

Email questions out to your patients to get a better sense as to how you can serve their needs. Some of these questions may include; How can we accommodate your health needs? What dental concerns do you have while you are in self-quarantine?  Do you need recommendations for emergency services?

As you continue your education with T.I.D.E during the COVID-19 epidemic, it’s always best to keep your patients in mind to ensure your practice will remain in-business once the crisis is averted.

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