Expand Your Skillset With an Advanced Implantology Dentistry Course

When deciding to continue your education with the Institute for Dental Excellence we want to express to you that you will be learning under the best industry experts, who have a commitment to building your skillset as a practicing dentist. One of the best ways to improve your prestige as a dentist is to sharpen your accuracy in all your treatments. With the Advanced Implantology course, we can instruct you on just that.

Course Outline

The main focus of the course is getting you up to date on the newest technology in implantology. Through the breakthroughs in this section of dentistry, practitioners are able to regenerate the patient’s biological foundation, leading to unprecedented precision in the implant placement. The course will cover the digital solutions for the initial diagnostics and solutions for managing common complications that can arise from the implant process.


Not only does this provide incredible accuracy but it greatly speeds up the implantation process leading to same-day results for your patients. It vastly increases your success rate for your implants and provides select protocols for a predictable prognosis and outcome to all of your procedures. This all culminates to our system called simply “teeth in a day”. Investing in this course will take your practice to another level of expertise.

In today’s competitive dentistry world, patients can seem like it all blends together, being rushed through their chosen practice from procedure to recovery without a clear sense of purpose and delayed results. With this course as well as the many others offered here at TIDE we can give you and your practice the knowledge to have an edge in this industry and leave a truly impactful impression with your patients that will guarantee they share their satisfaction and recommend everyone they know your way.

Contact us today and further inquire about how we can help you in your career.

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