Become an Expert in Fixed Prosthodontics With Our Latest Dental Residency Program

At The Institute for Dental Excellence, we help every dentist become better equipped at every facet of treatment. That begins and ends with achieving a functional occlusion for patients. Functional — not perfect. What’s the difference? Find out during our Advanced Fixed Prosthodontics & Functional Occlusion Residency.

Gain the Competitive Edge Through Advanced Studies

Some dentists aren’t at a point in their careers where dental continuing education (CE) courses are still out of their price range, but often, these are the same providers overextending themselves when it comes to equipment or marketing. While those things are important, nothing gives you an advantage over the competition like improving your skills.

People may remember a radio jingle for a few weeks. They’ll always remember the time you were able to solve a problem without invasive measures or a huge bill. Dental CE courses take the knowledge you already have and fill in the gaps so you avoid mistakes and identify the perfect solution for every patient.

Our Toronto-based Fixed Prosthodontics & Functional Occlusion Residency touches on a subject that has never been more relevant than it is today. Not only are fixed prosthodontics more popular than ever, but patients are getting older and have additional oral health needs. Learning how to help your patients maintain the health and comfort of a functional occlusion when implants, veneers, bridges and crowns are in place will make for happy long-term patients.

Advanced Care Options for Fixed Prosthodontics

Our dental prosthodontics residency includes information and the chance to gain first-hand experience. We cover issues such as:

  • Making and adjusting occlusal splints
  • Pre-treatment joint load testing for patients with jaw disorders
  • Step-by-step treatment planning for the most complicated cases

Learn what you need to know in order to avoid painful procedures and expensive accidents.

Some people say good, old-fashioned dentistry is a thing of the past. Today, patients are often rushed through intake, insurance processing, and quick exams while receiving the bare minimum care. Become the exception by focusing on patients first by taking it upon yourself to enrol in dentist CE courses.

Contact us today to register for our residency program or find out more about our training alternatives.


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