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All our courses are Category 2, unless specified otherwise.

All of our programs provide continued support to course participants after the course. The program alumni are allowed to email Dr. Lin regarding any case questions they may have. They are also eligible for mentorship sessions at Dr. Lin’s clinic under his supervision.

The TIDE program provides comprehensive training that is applicable to ALL implant systems.

All our programs, including, Implant residency, Teeth in a day and Advanced implantology are comprehensive and focused training programs. The programs comprise of didactic and hands-on exercises throughout the program utilizing models, pig jaws and human cadaver heads. Finally, the course participants will perform clinical procedures on their own patients (treatment planning, surgical implant placement and implant prosthetics).

Throughout all our programs, there will be video demonstrations of live patient surgeries to highlight and illustrate the topic of the discussion. You will also get a copy of these videos to keep to review anytime at your convenience.

Right now! As soon as you begin the programs.

All programs are led by some of the most experienced and active specialists in the field. The materials and the discussions are rooted in scientific foundation for clinical implant practice. Comprehensive training manuals, clinical videos and a tablet with all course notes are provided to program participants.

In Toronto, for out of town doctors we will do our best to provide a minimum of 2 patients at the course. For other locations, you might get a chance to treat a case for another dentist taking the same program.

Implant dentistry is a team effort! It is imperative that each member of your staff becomes knowledgeable and able to engage the patient to arrive at the best treatment options. In all of our Implant courses, we will provide additional training for your clinical and front desk staff.

The founder and the president of T.I.D.E., Dr. Mark Lin, is a specialist who has over 10 years of experience in the field and over 10,000 implants under his belt. The residency works with various specialists, who will attend all modules to instruct and assist you. They provide various opinions and techniques that works for them to help you to find what is best for you to achieve great results in Implant therapy. The amount of instructors will vary from program to program, based on how many students there are.

We strive to be flexible and will work with you on a payment arrangement based on your situation.

To properly prepare you for real cases you will encounter, cases with indirect sinus augmentation, ridge split, anterior implant placement with GBR, are within the scope of this program.

Yes, all of our Implant programs meets and exceeds the new RCDSO guidelines for BOTH surgical and prosthetic implant dentistry. It also meets the regulations of all the governing bodies across Canada.

First module: Treatment planning. It will be lecture and hands-on based. Dr. Lin will guide you in how to identify each case, what is the best treatment plan and what steps are involved. You will be working with models to learn the drilling sequences and placing implants using an implant system.

Second module: Surgical Principles with hands-on pig jaws. With our specialists, you will be able to learn suturing techniques, extraction techniques and bone grafting.

Third module: Hands-on Cadaver exercises. Everything you learn in module 1 and 2 will be practiced on cadaver specimens, including placing implants, bone grafting and suturing techniques. Working with a cadaver will simulate a similar environment as working on a live patient. This all prepares you for Module 4: Live patient surgical sessions.

Module 5 and 6 consists of taking impressions. You get a chance to do hands-on impression taking on models prior to taking impressions on patients in module 6 to ensure you get the best possible results.

You are definitely welcome to audit the live patient session, and when you feel ready, you can always come back and do the live patient session with another group. We will be there step-by-step to make sure you start placing implants in your own clinic after the residency.

You have to take the live patient sessions in order. If you miss module 1, you can continue with module 2 onwards and take module 1 in the new session. you can also take module 1-3, and 5 in different locations, however, you have to continue on with module 4 and 6 in the same location you started.

4 modules:
Module 1 – Indirect and Direct Sinus
Module 2 – Horizontal Bone Augmentation
Module 3 – Immediate
Module 4 – Live patient surgeries

You can take Modules 1, 2 and 3 all individually. If you decide to take Module 4, the Live patient session, and one other module, you will only be allowed to do live surgery cases on the modules you took. We have separate prices per module.

If you take all 3 modules prior to Live patient surgery (Module 4), you are allowed to bring in Indirect/Direct sinus cases, Horizontal Bone Augmentation cases and immediate cases.

You should be placing at least 100 implants per year to be taking this course.

You are allowed to bring only one case to do surgery, and it is only one arch that can be done due to time restriction. If you would like to do the second arch, we can arrange for you to go to Dr. Lin’s clinic to do the second arch on another day and a fee will be charged.

This consists of modules 1,2 and 5 of the Implant residency. You do not have to take it in order, and you can mix and match with the locations where T.I.D.E. offers the course.

The Implant Prosthetics Package exceeds the RCDSO requirements for restoration.

You can take the package, and the fees paid will be deducted from the full residency when you decide to take it.

We focus on concept-based learning and emphasis on learning with understanding the subject. This will allow for the candidate to answer the questions with the proper understanding of the fundamental principles.

We can give you the assurance that once you learn the subject and the concepts, solving the questions will get so much easier and if all the instructions and steps are followed with utmost sincerity and dedication, success will follow.

There is no guarantee that you will pass the exam with doing any course.

Remember, effort is always equal to results

We give individual attention addressing to individual needs if there be any.

Currently we only offer AFK training and will implement additional programs with growing strength and needs.

You are technically starting from scratch. Your past really has no great impact on this process. You might have to undo a few concepts from before and learn new.

We can help you evaluate the mistakes made in the past and change your approach towards achieving success.

We strive to be flexible and will work with you on a payment arrangement based on your situation.

Yes, online options are available – we highly recommend in class attendance.

Yes, we will assist with making every student to understand the subject – we also recommend group studying with online networking opportunities.

Yes, we will have an orientation on the first day and just before the exam on how to approach this exam pattern and scoring system.

Yes – a proof of enrolment with the school will be sent for your personal record. This may assist in your visa applications