Periodontal Flap Surgery employing full thickness mucoperiosteal flaps provides opportunities for the clinician to perform a variety of treatment approaches for periodontal problems. Crown Lengthening Surgery with, or without osseous recontouring to prepare crown margins and make a final impression should be included in the surgical options of the restorative dentist. Periodontal flap surgery also permits improved access to the root surfaces for scaling and root planning during the management of periodontitis.

In further clinical surgical flap situations, osseous modifications (recontouring) may be indicated. This course includes lecture, video, and hands-on (pig jaws) opportunities to understand these concepts and apply them to clinical practice.

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Course Outline:

  • Diagnose periodontal and restorative conditions requiring periodontal flap surgery
  • Know the principles of flap design including mucoperiosteal flaps
  • Know crown lengthening surgery principles and rationale
  • Know periodontal flap surgery including osseous recontouring and flap management
  • Know post-operative care and provide post operative instructions
  • The hands-on portion of the program will be performed on pig jaws and include:
    • How to perform incisions, flap elevation, flap positioning, & osseous reduction
    • Flap procedures for access to osseous defects, recontouring & reduction
    • Crown lengthening
    • Suturing techniques

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7 CE Hours

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