Facilitator: Dr. Mark Lin, B.Sc., D.D.S., M.Sc. (Prosthodontics), F.R.C.D.(C)

Join Dr. Mark Lin and his Faculty of Multi-Disciplinary Specialists and discover how our sequentially planned, prosthetically driven implant course delivers what you need to know to successfully integrate implants into your dental practice. After completion of this program you will be confident to select, treatment plan, surgically place and restore dental implants successfully.

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Course Details

Comprehensive Implant Treatment Planning (Fixed/Removable)

Treatment planning rationale, case selection and prosthetic pearls to optimize success rates will be addressed in detail. Emphasis of principles will be demonstrated on single tooth implant replacement and lower edentulous Overdenture applications.

The treatment planning phase for implant dentistry is the most critical component in Implantology. Rationale for a prosthetically and biomechanically driven treatment plan will be reviewed in detail. The number of implants, diameter, lengths, locations and other critical decision making steps will be reviewed in a systematic manner for various clinical cases:

• Treatment planning #1: single posterior molar
• Treatment planning #2: advanced anterior implant aesthetics
• Treatment planning #3: fully edentulous lower arch
Implant prosthetics and various occlusion concepts will be reviewed as well as the indications for facebows and articulators.

This module can be taken separately from the program.

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Implant Surgical Principles

The surgical phase of Implantology demands precise implant placement locations with minimal trauma to the implant recipient site and for the patient. A didactic presentation will review the pearls of implant surgery along with the pre-surgical evaluation requirements.  A detailed review of the osteotomy preparation of drilling sequence will be supported and enforced with hands-on exercises.

Anatomically correct customized implant models will be used to practice and evaluate for implant placements (in all zones of the mouth) for reinforcement of principles of osteotomy preparations. Soft tissue manipulation and suturing techniques along with osteotomies will be prepared in pig’s jaws to simulate clinical settings.

Live patient demonstrations will be performed by a specialty instructor to further enhance the teaching process for the surgical phase of implant dentistry. In addition, procedural DVD’s, highlighting various surgical concepts, will be viewed by participants at the course and then copies given out for participants to bring home.

This module can be taken separately from the program.

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Implant Surgical Principles

An understanding and review of the anatomical structures of the specific potential implant sites are mandatory to avoid complications in implant surgery. A didactic presentation will review all anatomical structures along with the danger zones within the specific zones of the jaws. Each specific location of the mouth presents unique and specific challenges. Recognition and management of the surgical techniques specific to each zones of the intraoral location will enhance surgical success rates for optimal implant recipient site preparations.

● lower posterior mandible
● upper posterior maxilla
● lower anterior mandible
● upper anterior maxilla

Various exercises will be conducted using the cadaver head specimens as follows:
● Anatomical dissections and review of vital structures, Atraumatic extractions utilizing periotomes and Socket preservation techniques for ridge preservations
● Implant osteotomy preparations and Guided Bone Regenerations (GBR) techniques for exposed implant threads
● Ridge splitting concepts with osteotomes and splitters, Harvesting of Autogenous bone for GBR concepts and Immediate implant placements into fresh sockets

Hands on Exercises:
● Type of materials and instruments used for periodontal surgery
● Different types of flap designs
● Suturing technique
● How to obtain tension free closure
● Guided Bone Regeneration – no discussion on block graft, focus on particulate graft and use of membranes
● Immediate Implant placements
● Extraction and socket preservation

This module can be taken separately from the program.

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Live Patient Surgical Implant Placements and Auxiliary Staff Training

In this module you will be allowed to bring up to 4 patients to perform surgery on. Your assistants will undergo an extensive training session prior to the live patient surgery to ensure the correct protocols are implemented in your own practise post program.

Implant Prosthodontics & Occlusion for Implantology

The final treatment goals for implant dentistry is to replace or simulate the natural dentition with an artificial implant prosthesis. Our patients desire the benefits of teeth with aesthetic, phonetic, masticatory function, comfort and contour. These cases, especially full mouth reconstructions, with implant retained prosthesis can be challenging and time consuming if it is not done properly.

Program Exercises
● Pre-operative diagnostic record requirements
● Step-by-step review of all prosthetic protocols from implant uncovering to final insertion of prosthesis
● Open versus close tray impression techniques
● Implant provisionalization options with fixed versus removable
● Screw versus cement retained options
● Implant protected occlusal schemes for single tooth to full mouth fixed and removable implant retained prosthesis
● Management protocol for parafunctional habits
● Implant prosthetic maintenance requirements
● Management of implant prosthetic complications
● Hands-on will include: Immediate temporization for implants, locator attachments, verification jigs, open/close tray impressions, and screw vs. cement retained

This module can be taken separately from the program.

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Live Patient Implant Prosthodontics

You will bring your patients back to do the final impressions prior to placing the crowns in your own office.

Top Reasons to Participate

  • Exceeds National guidelines for educational requirements for implant dentistry
  • Comprehensive and focused intensive training
  • Clinical procedures performed by course participants on live patients (treatment planning, surgical implant placement and implant prosthetics)
  • Treat up to 4 cases per doctor (depending on the complexity of the case)
  • Multidisciplinary specialist guest speakers (prosthodontist, periodontists, dental anesthesiologists, oral surgeon, registered dental technicians,oral radiologist)
  • Comprehensive training applicable to ALL implant systems
  • Scientific foundation for clinical implant practice, comprehensive training manual, clinical videos, webinars and a complimentary USB with all course notes included
  • Treatment planning module with customized model based exercises and pig mandible simulation exercises
  • Human cadaver head 3-day hands-on exercises
  • Auxiliary staff training
  • Multidisciplinary specialist guest speakers (prosthodontist, periodontists, dental anesthesiologists, oral surgeon, registered dental technicians,oral radiologist)

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