Advanced Fixed Prosthodontics & Functional Occlusion Online Residency – PART A

The rationale, principles and management of the dental occlusion as it applies to our clinical dentistry is of vital importance for the long term success of our dentistry. The use of fixed prosthodontics and dental implants further complicates this topic since an osseous integrated dental implant is less tolerant of the biomechanical forces. Yet, most clinical dentists find this topic complex, confusing and difficult to integrate into private practice. In addition, when the functional physiologic occlusion has been deteriorated to pathologic or non physiologic occlusion, the restoration and reconstruction of the occlusion can be complex.

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Course Objectives:

  • Clinical examination and charting for the TMJ, muscles of mastication, dental evaluation and diagnostic records
  • Clinical evaluation and examination of TMD considerations, simplified joint load testing prior to comprehensive dentistry
  • Fabrication of Centric Relations interocclusal records with comparison of techniques for accuracies
  • Bimanual manipulation, Lucia jigs, Leaf gauge, Chin Point guidance and others
  • Facebows records in aiding accuracy of mounting of maxillary cast
  • Mounting of diagnostic casts using semi-adjustable articulators
  • Occlusal equilibration to achieve centric relations to maximal intercuspation position, indications and contraindications
  • Diagnostic wax set up for fixed prosthodontics and implant occlusion
  • Removable prosthetics occlusal equilibration to achieve balanced occlusion
  • Fabrication, adjustments and insertions of occlusal splints to manage parafunctional habits.
  • Treatment planning of various complicated cases from diagnostic records to step by step sequencing
  • Case planning for “Live Patient” multi-disciplinary full mouth rehabilitation cases; treatment planning, tooth preparations, provisionalization and final fixed prosthetics

PART B: will include hands-on exercises and live patient sessions. PART B dates TBC



DR. MARK LIN B.Sc., D.D.S., M.Sc.
(Prosthodontics), F.R.C.D.(C)

Dates: Every Tuesday starting November 17th, 2020- February 23rd, 2021

Time: 6:00pm-9:00pm EST

33 CE Hours (11 weeks of 3 hour sessions)

$3499 + TAX

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