The Institute for Dental Excellence Inc.

Committed to Provide Quality AGD Approved Education for Dental Professionals

Educate | Plan | Implement | Succeed

The Institute for Dental Excellence is a multidisciplinary and multi-leveled continuing dental education provider. Participants have the opportunity to attend lectures, engage in hands-on CE dental training, live patient implant surgery courses, and cadaver hands-on training.

The practice of dentistry requires a conscientious effort to educate, plan, and implement in order to succeed. The rapid evolution of dental technology and research knowledge necessitates that we actively participate and engage in the diagnostic, surgical and restorative/prosthetic disciplines in dentistry.

Our courses and instructors provide predictable, and when possible, scientifically-based clinical protocols through seamless integration of art and science. At The Institute for Dental Excellence (T.I.D.E.), we are committed to preparing you and your practice to excel and reach the pinnacle. We strive to train you and your team members to meet the challenges that clinicians face in daily practice.

Our courses are structured to include both didactic presentations and hands-on experience, using pig jaws and human cadavers. When possible, through the incorporation of live patient sessions, course participants are provided the opportunity to apply the knowledge that they learn and acquire. All live patient treatments are under strict supervision to ensure confidence and to facilitate a smooth learning curve. These courses are designed to immediately incorporate practical procedures into your practice.

We would like to invite you to invest in yourself and join us in a very special educational experience that will take your personal life and dental practice to its highest possible level.